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Denmark Cracks Down on Mass Migration
"The Current Asylum System Has Failed"

June 8, 2021  •  Gatestone Institute

The Danish Parliament has passed a new law that will allow the government to deport asylum seekers to countries outside of the European Union to have their cases considered abroad. The legislation is widely seen as a first step toward moving the country's asylum screening process beyond Danish borders.

The law, proposed by the Social Democrat-led government, is aimed at discouraging frivolous asylum applications. It has been greeted with fury by those who favor mass migration, presumably out of fear that other EU countries may now follow Denmark's lead.

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Germany: New Strategy to Combat 'Political Islamism'

May 27, 2021  •  Gatestone Institute

The largest parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, the faction of the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), has approved a wide-ranging strategy to contain the spread of political Islam in Germany.

The plan, outlined in a new policy paper, "Preserving Free Society, Promoting Social Cohesion, Fighting Political Islamism," warns that a growing number of areas in Germany, where German law is overruled by Sharia law, are in danger of becoming "parallel societies."

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Europe: Anti-Israel Protests Descend into Anti-Semitism

May 20, 2021  •  Gatestone Institute

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations in cities across Europe have descended into unrestrained orgies of anti-Semitism after protesters opposed to Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip openly called for the destruction of Israel and death to Jews.

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France: Generals Warn of Civil War Due to Creeping Islamism

May 4, 2021  •  Gatestone Institute

A group of retired generals has warned in an open letter that France is sliding toward a civil war due to the government's failure to control mass migration and creeping Islamism in the country. The letter, which has broad public support, according to polls, also warns against cultural Marxism, runaway multiculturalism and the expansion of no-go zones in France.

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Growing Calls for Moving or Boycotting the Beijing Olympics

April 25, 2021  •  Gatestone Institute

A growing number of Western lawmakers and human rights groups are calling for a boycott of the next Winter Olympics, set to take place in Beijing in February 2022.

The calls for a boycott have come in response to burgeoning evidence of human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, a remote autonomous region in northwestern China. Human rights experts say that at least one million Muslims are being detained in hundreds of internment camps, where they are subject to torture, mass rapes, forced labor and sterilizations.

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