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Germany's Woke Government Wavers as Islamists Declare Holy War

May 19, 2024  •  National Review

The German government's laissez-faire approach to Islamism has moved the problem into a taboo zone that has strengthened the Islamists.

More than a thousand Islamic extremists recently marched through the streets of Hamburg, Germany's second-largest city, demanding that the European Union's most populous and powerful country be reconstituted as an Islamic state governed by sharia. The demonstration, organized by a fast-growing Islamist group called Muslim Interaktiv, was allowed to proceed after left-wing parties in Hamburg's legislature rejected a petition by right-wing parties to prohibit the event.

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Erdoğan Has Found Another Way to Undermine German Democracy

May 13, 2024  •  Focus on Western Islamism

A new German Islamist party that is close to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has obtained authorization to participate in upcoming elections for the European Parliament from Germany's Federal Election Committee (Bundeswahlausschuss). The controversial decision offers Erdoğan and his affiliates in Germany an unprecedented opportunity to establish a foothold within the main organs of the European Union — from where they can expand their influence, spread propaganda, and propagate political Islam.

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France's Half-Baked Plan to Fight Islamist Separatism

February 19, 2024  •  Focus on Western Islamism

A new ban on foreign-appointed imams in France is aimed at combating Islamist separatism, but the policy risks making matters worse by handing future decisions about hiring imams over to local groups affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. The French move is an example of a political decision that sounds superficially positive. Unfortunately, it fails to address the complex, often unofficial processes by which Islamist ideology is currently disseminated. As such, it offers an object lesson in what not to do, worthy of close observation.

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How Germany Facilitates Erdoğan's Influence

January 17, 2024  •  Focus on Western Islamism

A German government plan to ease citizenship requirements for millions of Turkish immigrants, German lawmakers are warning, could lead to the creation of Germany's first national Islamist party. Such a party, they say, would be controlled by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and allow him to extend his already considerable influence in Germany into the Bundestag, the federal parliament.

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European Islamists Ignore — or Celebrate — Hamas's October 7 Massacre

November 22, 2023  •  Focus on Western Islamism

Islamists in Europe have overwhelmingly come out in support of Hamas's October 7 massacre of more than 1,200 Israelis. That support has been expressed in different ways: explicitly approving of Hamas's murder, rape and abduction of Israeli civilians; justifying the crimes by blaming Israel; and by remaining silent and refusing to condemn Hamas publicly.

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