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Germany's Leftist Government Spurns Tools to Tackle Islamist Threats

March 31, 2023  •  Focus on Western Islamism

Germany's parliament has rejected two legislative proposals aimed at clamping down on political Islam in Germany. The sponsors of the proposed bills argued that Islamism is subversive and must be opposed because it poses a growing threat to liberal democracy and social cohesion. Lawmakers representing Germany's left-wing coalition government countered that measures to curb Islamism would unfairly single out Muslims.

The legislative setback comes just six months after Germany's government dissolved a high-profile expert working group on political Islam — opting instead to fight "Islamophobia."

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Austria's Mosques Work Against Muslim Integration

March 23, 2023  •  Focus on Western Islamism

Viennese mosques are promoting Islamic separatism and actively obstructing the integration of Muslims into Austrian society, according to a new report about mosques and Islamic associations in the Austrian capital. The in-depth investigative study also reveals that foreign governments continue to exert enormous influence on the practice of Islam in Austria, even though a so-called Islam Law prohibits such meddling.

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Islamists Commandeer Official French Forum Created to Fight Islamism

March 9, 2023  •  Focus on Western Islamism

A newly launched Muslim "dialogue forum" established by the French government to fight Islamism and promote an Islam "faithful to the values of the Republic" has been infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood operatives opposed to the domestication of Islam in France. One observer has said the forum has become a "playground" for Islamists in the country.

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Sweden, Threatened by Islamists over Quran Burnings, Implements De Facto Blasphemy Law

February 24, 2023  •  Focus on Western Islamism

Sweden, under pressure from Islamists angered by recent Quran burnings, is embroiled in a nationwide debate over whether to curtail its long and storied tradition of constitutionally-protected freedom of expression and introduce a blasphemy law. The free speech versus security trade-off is aimed at staving off reprisals from Muslim extremists in Sweden and elsewhere.

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Austria Bungles Investigation of Muslim Brotherhood

January 13, 2023  •  Focus on Western Islamism

A high-profile campaign against Islamic extremism in Austria is on the brink of collapse after courts exonerated more than two dozen influential Islamists of terrorism charges due to insufficient evidence. The legal setbacks represent an unmitigated disaster for the Austrian government's efforts to counter political Islam.

The suspects, who were the focus of Operation Luxor, a high-profile nationwide counter-terrorism operation carried out in November 2020, have avoided formal charges through a combination of skillful legal wrangling by their attorneys, incompetence on the part of Austrian law enforcement officials, and lenient rulings from sympathetic judges.

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