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Will Tehran's 'Strategic Outpost' in Germany Finally Be Closed?

November 18, 2022  •  Focus on Western Islamism

Germany's parliament, outraged by the Iranian government's deadly crackdown on anti-regime protesters, has called for the permanent closure of a controversial mosque in Hamburg that is used by Iran's theocratic regime to export its Islamic Revolution to Europe.

The Islamic Center of Hamburg (Islamischen Zentrum Hamburg, IZH), described by German intelligence officials as a leading "propaganda center" of the Islamic Republic in Europe, is well known for spreading anti-Western, anti-Semitic, and anti-Israel extremist ideology.

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Legacy Media: Italy's New PM Is a 'Neo-Fascist.' But, No, She Isn't

October 27, 2022  •  Focus on Western Islamism

Italy's new conservative government is poised to initiate a long-overdue pushback against Islamism and the uncontrolled mass migration that feeds it. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and senior members of her cabinet have long warned of the danger posed by Islamic separatism in Italy, the third-largest country in the European Union. If the new government follows through with its campaign promises to fight Islamism and Islamization, Italy could become a key part of a growing anti-Islamist vanguard that is gaining traction across Europe.

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German Mosque Broadcasts Call to Prayer; Erdoğan Gains Victory

October 18, 2022  •  Focus on Western Islamism

A Turkish mega-mosque in Cologne, a historic stronghold of Christendom in Germany, has for the first time begun sounding Muslim calls to prayer over outdoor loudspeakers. City officials say the move is aimed at promoting multicultural diversity and inclusion, but many worry that Cologne is establishing a national precedent, and that soon many of the more than 3,000 other mosques in Germany will also begin publicly calling Muslims to prayer.

The sounding of Muslim prayer calls in Cologne — famous for its cathedral, the largest Gothic church in northern Europe — marks a major victory for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his unrelenting effort to ensconce political Islam in Germany.

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Can a Single Politician Cut EU Funding to Islamists?

October 14, 2022  •  Focus on Western Islamism

A Swedish lawmaker is gaining traction in the uphill battle to force the European Union to bring an end to the public funding of Islamist groups in the bloc. Senior EU leaders, facing relentless pressure from Member of the European Parliament Charlie Weimers, have begrudgingly acknowledged that the EU's systematic financing of Islamism is a problem that must be addressed. The bureaucratic turn shows that the fight against Islamism in Europe is gathering steam.

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Qatar Funds Islamist Separatism in Germany

October 10, 2022  •  Focus on Western Islamism

Qatar Charity and Eid Charity, two Qatari Islamist groups masquerading as humanitarian organizations, have sent millions of euros to finance mosques in Berlin and at least nine other German cities, according to a new trove of previously unpublished documents leaked to German media. The documents, which include financial requests, payment plans, and thank-you letters exchanged between the charities and the mosques, show that Qatar continues to promote Islamic separatism in Germany under the cover of charity work.

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