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Belgium's Prisoner Swap Treaty with Iran: "A Deal with the Devil"
Aug 12, 2022

EU: Last-Ditch Effort to Salvage Iran Nuclear Deal
Aug 4, 2022

Australia: New Government Maintains Hardline Stance on China
Jul 22, 2022

Russia Gives NATO New Lease on Life
Jul 14, 2022

EU Signs Deal with Egypt and Israel to Boost Gas Exports to Europe
Jun 30, 2022

Ukraine War Blows Up EU's Superpower Delusion
Jun 21, 2022

The Real Purpose of the Iran Nuclear Deal
May 27, 2022

UK: New Plan to Tackle Illegal Immigration
May 13, 2022

EU-China Relations: "Downward Spiral"
Apr 29, 2022

Ukraine War: The Moral Corruption of Germany's Political Elite
Apr 13, 2022

European Union Unveils New Strategy to Become a Global Power
Apr 3, 2022

Why Did Vladimir Putin Invade Ukraine?
Mar 14, 2022

Germany, in Historic Reversal, Abandons Pro-Putin Russia Policy
Mar 1, 2022

Biden Administration Kills Israel-to-Europe Gas Pipeline
Feb 15, 2022

Eurosceptic Alliance to Fight Creation of European Superstate
Feb 5, 2022

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