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Europe's Populist Wave Reaches Portugal
Oct 26, 2019

Does Angela Merkel Deserve a Prize for Zionism?
Oct 19, 2019

Turkey Flooding Europe with Migrants
Oct 10, 2019

Italy: Salvini Out, Migrants In
Sep 28, 2019

Italy: Salvini Down but Not Out
Sep 4, 2019

Europe: "Mediterranean Taxis" for People-Smugglers
Aug 27, 2019

Spain: Law on Citizenship for Sephardic Jews Ends in Failure
Aug 19, 2019

Germany's Pro-Iran, Anti-Israel Foreign Policy
Aug 11, 2019

Turkey Threatens to Reignite European Migrant Crisis
Jul 31, 2019

European Union: A Massive Expansion of Top-down Powers
Jul 23, 2019

Germany: Nest of Middle Eastern Spies
Jul 17, 2019

European Union: Toward a European Superstate
Jul 8, 2019

Europe's Missing Islamic State Fighters
Jun 29, 2019

Britain's Back-Door Blasphemy Law
Jun 8, 2019

Making Sense of the European Elections
Jun 3, 2019

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